Performing Arts - Music

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60 - 62
2 yrs

Students pursuing the Associate of Arts in Performing Arts with a Music Concentration are expected to demonstrate the ability to listen and appraise, perform, compose, and arrange music. The goal of the programme is to enhance the student’s performance and creation of music.

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Ensemble Requirement: Performing Arts students are required to be members of at least one ensemble for the duration of their academic studies with the institution. Those ensembles will grant 1 credit per semester towards graduation.


Notes: Applicants holding a CSEC Theatre Arts Certificate or a Royal School of Music will be allowed to challenge certain introductory courses.


Electives: Students may choose from any one of the following courses: DAN 1xx, Any 100-Level Dance Course, DRA 1xx, Any 100-Level Drama Course, ENG 107, Elements of Literature, FLM 100, Introduction to Film Studies, HUM 205, Advanced Leadership Studies, or MUS 160, Drama and Musical Theatre Workshop.

Programme Goals

Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and make judgments about aesthetic quality; to critique performances from multiple perspectives.

Develop an understanding of the spiritual, moral, ethical, social, and cultural issues linked with the performing arts.

Demonstrate effective communication skills, intellectual discipline, imaginative thinking, and effective time management in managing the process involved in realising an idea.

Produce and communicate clear and effective arguments and ideas formed independently.

Demonstrate the ability to utilise appropriate technology in discussing their discipline.

Demonstrate an understanding of the terms and forms of their chosen concentration through studying the elements, structures, and characteristics of each particular art form.

Suggested Sequence of Courses
Semester 1
COM 100
Personal Development for College Success
1 Credits
ENG 104
English Composition I
3 Credits
PER 100
Creative Entrepreneurship I
3 Credits
Any Music Ensemble
1 Credits
Elementary Spanish/French
3 Credits
CSC 104
Microcomputer Applications
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Science
4 Credits
Semester 2
ENG 105
English Composition II
3 Credits
PER 101
Creative Entrepreneurship II
3 Credits
MUS 101
Jazz History
3 Credits
MUS 130
Introduction to Music Theory
3 Credits
Intermediate Spanish/French
3 Credits
Semester 3
ENG 106
Speech Communication
3 Credits
Any 100-Level Social Science
4 Credits
MUS 110
Creative Music Conducting and Directorship
3 Credits
MUS 210
Principles of Applied Performance I
3 Credits
Any 100-Level History
3 Credits
Semester 4
MUS 131
Jazz Music Theory
3 Credits
MUS 220
Principles of Applied Performance II
4 Credits
MAT 113
Introduction to Statistics
4 Credits
Elective Course
3 Credits

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