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Virgin Islands Studies Institute
Virgin Islands History

This course examines the Amerindian period, plantation era, post emancipation period, and the modern era in the Virgin Islands. The course also emphasises aspects of public history, in particular the historical sites and museums of the Virgin Islands.

Literature of the Virgin Islands

This course studies the work of writers of Virgin Islands origin and interest, paying due att ention to the issues of migration, creolisation and hybridity, race, history, and postcolonial theory, as well as their historical and cultural impact in the Virgin Islands.

Geography and Economics of the Virgin Islands

This course examines topographical features, climate, transportation, communication and the concept of location. It also examines the laws for protection of the environment and man’s impact on the natural landscape features of the Virgin Islands.

Citizenship and Governance in the Virgin Islands

This course investigates the concept of citizenship in the Virgin Islands and examines the markers of this sense of citizenship. It analyzes important documents such as the Virgin Islands Constitution and also identifi es extraordinary Virgin Islands’ citizens. In addition, it explores the governmental structure of the Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands Culture and Society

This course engages in socio-cultural theoretical foundations and applies this to the initial formation, maturation, and transformation during the modern period of a Virgin Islands’ cultural identity and society. It explores the factors which have infl uenced modern Virgin Islands’ culture such as globalisation and migration.

Economics of the Virgin Islands

This course analyzes the use of the Virgin Islands’ natural resources for economic purposes. It also analyses the components and industries of the economy in the Virgin Islands. The course also incorporates the roles of transportation, communication and technology in the economy.

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