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  Professional Development (PD), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE), is the learning and development that develops and maintains professional competence to enable professionals to continue to perform their roles competently.   It is therefore essential for all qualified professionals working in business, and compulsory for many members of professional bodies.  

What Does CPD Provide?

  CPD provides continuing development and maintenance of the following:  
  •  Technical Competence
  •  Professional Skills
  •  Professional Values, Ethics, and Attitudes

Why is CPD Important?

  Here are four good reasons why CPD is important:  
  •  Ensures professional competence
  •  Builds stronger professional organizations
  •  Sustains professions
  •  Strengthens public trust in your profession
  CPD can also improve and broaden knowledge and skills; that is, CPD is intended to support future professional development.   CPD develops personal qualities necessary to execute professional and technical duties; such personal qualities as may be needed to progress with your career.   All RMI tutors are professionally qualified, and understand the needs of working business professionals. RMI programmes are designed to deliver specific learning outcomes which are appropriate to the professional world.   Enquire about our Professional Development courses  
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