Welcome to Maritime Training at HLSCC

Maritime Training at HLSCC offers a number of specialised courses/workshops that prepare individuals to work in the yachting, ferry, shipping and boating industries.

The courses or workshops are listed below:

  • STCW – [5days] ($965)
  • CARIBBEAN BOATMASTERS  Grade 2/3  [5days]  ($500)
  • CARIBBEAN BOATMASTERS  Grade 1  [5 days, or online plus 3 days]  ($500)
  • Radar Navigation [3 days] ($300)
  • Chart work/Orals tuition for VISR Exams on request ($100/day)

Other details are as follows:

  1. Boat masters 2/3 is now offered as part distance/online learning, followed by a 3 day classroom workshop.
  2. For Grade 1 there is an additional 3 day module in Radar Nav’ & Navaids.
  3. Anyone already holding a Grade 1 Licence may enroll for the 3 day Radar Navigation & Navaids Course only, if wished. (Price $300)
  4. Tutorials available for VISR Chart work and Oral exams. ($100/day)

***Please note that the running of courses is subject to subscription (numbers)

Health and Safety Policy

For further information on Maritime Training, please contact:

Captain Martin Cherry
Maritime Programme Manager