Official Registration and Course Membership

An official registration is the acceptance by the Registrar and the Bursar of an individual’s Course Registration form with the appropriate amount of tuition and fees.  Students are not members in any course or class until their names appear on the official class roster or the lecturer has received official evidence of registration from the Registrar.  The students remain members of a class until final grades are reported or until they withdraw from the course or are administratively withdrawn.  Students are considered present once they have reported to the class in a timely manner.

Registration Assistance

Each student shall have an adviser assigned by the relevant Dean.  The adviser aids the students in selecting courses based on the declared programme of study and other constraints.  The Dean and the Registrar are also resource persons for students in selecting and registering for courses.

Modify Student Courses

Add/Drop Period

For Fall and Spring semesters the add/drop period lasts one week, the first week of classes.  During the summer, the last day to add classes is the day following the start of classes.  The ADD/Drop Form must be completed.


After the add/drop period and through the end of the first 10 weeks of classes, students can withdraw from classes.  During weeks 2 through 5 of the Fall and spring semesters a ‘W’ grade is assigned.  From weeks 6 through 10 a ‘WP’ or ‘WF’ is assigned according to student performance up to the point of withdrawal.  During the Summer the ‘W’ grade is assigned during the first five days, and the ‘WP’ or ‘WF’ during days 6 through 11.  Any student who experience unusual hardship such as a serious medical condition may seek special consideration through a written petition to the President.  Petitions should, where possible, be documented with supporting statements from a doctor, counsellor, or family member who has knowledge of the situation.  If in the opinion of the President, the request is justified, a grade of ‘Q’ (dropped by the President’s permission) will be recorded on the student’s transcript.  Students are reminded that they must follow the official withdrawal process, including using the Late Withdrawal Form if they do not wish to complete a course.  Failure to do so will result in a grade of ‘F’ on the student’s official transcript. 

Repeat Course Action

Students receiving an unsatisfactory grade in a course are allowed to repeat the course three times.  Repeated unsuccessful attempts affect the student’s GPA and may make the students subject to academic warning, academic probation or academic suspension.  If a course taken at the College is repeated at the College, the official grade is the best letter grade earned although all grades appear on the academic transcript.  The student is responsible for notifying the Registry when a course is repeated.  Only the best letter grade earned in the repeated course will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average (GPA).



A hold is a block that prevents students from either registering for classes, or accessing the student records or both. Student may view their holds through their SONIS account.  To have a hold removed students must contact the department that placed the hold and make arrangements to have it removed, including fulfilling any obligations which led to the hold being placed in the first instance.


An override allows a student to bypass class size, class and major restrictions and time conflicts. Overrides must be signed off by the relevant Dean.

Overload of Classes

Over 17 hours is considered an overload. Any overload request must be signed by the relevant Dean.